My own personal quotes:


"Your heart is like a tree, it can be chopped down easily but it takes a while to grow back."

"Chaos lights the flame, but Order allows it to burn."

"Do not promise today what you cannot control tomorrow."

"I seek but not to gain. I fight but not to win. My goal is not for success.

Only this: Not to fail, not to lose, not to be forgotten.

It is that which hurts the most that lasts the longest."

"That which never existed can not be broken.

That which did exist but was ignored can be forgotten.

But in the end they are both the same.

Deception of the heart, and a selfish person hurting the other."

"One who is forgotten is but a faded and distant memory,

but one who is lost is in a room inside your heart which you've lost the key to."

"If opening your heart makes you vulnerable, then I'd rather be weak and open than closed and cold."

"Half of the power to heal is in the mind, so if your will is strong then that's half the battle won." (Rewording of a famous quote I kind of remember.)

"Without the bad, a world of good would bring no happiness.

Things are valued because they are special.

If everything is perfect nothing is valuable."

"That which you cry for today means tomorrow will bring greater happiness.

It's the sadness in life that makes us truly value happiness when we finally do find it.

You start with happiness and you'll never know what it's worth."


My own other stuff:


Stolen Innocence Gone Untold

Life is a mystery waiting to unfold.

What the future brings is left untold.

You live each day trying to be bold.

But underneath it all you feel empty and cold.

You're forced to be what everyone tries to mold.

Inside you're screaming because there's so much to be told.

What you've lost cannot be bought back because it is not sold.


Story of the Player

He who plays games forget's to commit to what is right.

The player looks for weakness in the played to blame them.

When both are the player, both are also the played.

If both are true, then both seek only to blame each other.

A player's strength comes from the power of their bluff.

A bluff is used because a player never has the right cards.

The game will never end because two bluffers will not fold.

A game comes to an end when one has lost everything.

The one left however is now left at the table alone.

Who really win's when both end up alone in end?

It begins again, or players leave cards on table, together.



Life is an endless maze to which there are no ends to.

Those that look for the solution to it are a fool.

Those that look for a cozy place to sit are the wise.

Fools continue circling around seeking a solution.

The wise make use of their surroundings to form a home in the maze.

The fool explores all the heartbreak endless circles offer.

The wise grow fond of their dwelling and grow happy.



There's love and true love...

Love is when one person loves another...

However, true love, the one some believe to be fiction, DOES exist...

People don't understand what it is...

True love isn't when two people love each other...

When a person see's love as an emotion they feel for another,

it will never be "true love"...

Love felt by two different people is two different loves...

It get's competitive when the two don't see eye to eye on what love really is...

This is because both view love in a different way...

This is what bad emotions are born from: jealousy, lust, etc...

True love is when two people come together, stare into each others eyes...

They don't look for love on the inside of the body...

They know it doesn't exist within the soul of a single person...

It exists within the center of two sides on a single coin...

When they see each others eyes, they don't see their love, or the others love...

They see a single love, existing in the center of them...

The flow is right in the middle, not from within one or the other...

A single connection that makes a single complete body out of two...



Without sadness there can be no joy.

Take this for example:

Someone born rich,they do not value money, because it's normal to them.

It's routine. It's stable. It brings no happiness because they haven't felt sorrow of being poor.

Same goes for happiness...

When life is good for so long, it becomes depressing.

You feel like you aren't happy because you haven't felt that excitement of a great joy in a long time.

It's always been there, but you cannot value it.

Times of sadness and pain are necessary for someone to continue to value the good things in life.

You need to be sad sometimes to appreciate things when they are good..

Take your sadness, and let it remind you that because of it, you will have a happier tomorrow.