In my beliefs of science, everything consists of the elements "Order" and "Chaos", and a balance of these elements. One element cannot exist without the other. Without both elements, nothing would exist. "Chaos lights the flame, but Order allows it to burn." I will say this quote a lot because it is very much true. Take a fire place for instance, fire is very much an element of chaos. Chaos will spark the flame, and allow it to be. Order, on the other hand, allows that flame to continue burning. Without Order, the properties would be imbalanced and the flame would not be able to burn. Thus proving there is no stand alone of Chaos or Order. Chaos which brings winter, must also contain order. However, spring comes with Order, and brings back life, but here too is a little bit of Chaos. Even if it's the smallest amount, both exist. When combined, it is balanced. Thus, a balanced cycle.
This same balance of Order and Chaos are also part of everything else, like us humans and even every day life. Say you throw a bowling ball at some pins. The Chaos of the ball hitting the pins causes them to scatter, but the Order of the throw causes them to scatter in a certain way. It's not always easy to see both of the elements because there might be greater abundance of one over the other. For example, neatly stacked magazines, very ordered, very clean. "Where is the Chaos in something like this?" you might ask. Well, there are different ways to look at it. One, the work may have been chaotic to get these magazines in this order in the first place. Two, the magazines may be ordered, but what about a larger picture. The desk they are on top of is not ordered and cleaned. As an entirety it consists of both Order and Chaos. Three, if you wish to look at the magazines as strictly it's own, and not anything else, you look deeper. Let's say they are neatly stacked, clean, alphabetized, categorized, or anything else imaginable. This stack still has Chaos, not all the magazines have the exact amount of pages. Therefor, showing Chaos. Let's now say they are all the same magazine published on the same day on the same press. There is no way, by the laws of physics, that every magazine could be in the exact same shape of every other magazine. There you have it, the most neatest stack in existence, and it still has Chaos.
There is one lethal problem with these elements which is going on even now. The balance of these elements has been greatly disturbed. If there is too much of one element, the other will counter. Let's say the government decides to put every day life in supreme order for some reason. This will cause the people to rebel and chaos begins it's counter. By these laws, one cannot over come the other. A Ying-Yang so to speak. Today Chaos is continuously growing among mankind causing great trouble because we have less and less Order. When I speak of this, I speak of our destruction of the planet by our disturbing of this natural balance, our population greatly rising at rapid pace because of our lack of Order, etc. I believe the counter of Order will soon come, and that will be our own destruction. Balance will be achieved again. Kind of makes you think of things in a different way. Maybe we should look back to even dinosaur times, and just wonder.
"Chaos lights the flame, but Order allows it to burn." Pain exists, because of Chaos, but it is our own fuel that allows it to continue burning. It continues to burn because we refuse to let go. It's not always easy, but by understanding this and giving time to everything, things will get better. You can't have a camp fire, then leave and forget about it. It will eventually consume the entire forest if not stopped in time. The same thing goes with emotion, if you forget about the flame that burns and turn your back, it will eventually consume you in the process. You cannot forget or turn away, but rather forgive and move on. Acceptance and understanding. Don't wait for it to rain. The world around you can't always help. If there is no water there is always sand or dirt. Sometimes the answer does not come from above, but below where you never chose to look.
Last but not least, good and evil are often confused. Chaos is always believed to be a part of evil, as Order is always believed to be a part of good. However, this is not so. Chaos is not always bad, for it is the chaos of spring that allows life to continue. As for Order, order is what allows a forest fire to consume an entire forest, because it is Order that allows fire to burn. These elements are a constant throughout life, and do not change. Good and Evil on the other hand are only determined by moral judgment and vary tremendously. What is considered good by one person may be bad according to another, or reversed. For example, killing someone is considered evil, it's wrong. By looking at things in a scientific way however, if it weren't for wars, or things like this, population will grow even faster. Thus, by this, killing would be considered as good by a scientist in the aspects of science and our planet. If someone were to go out and kill someone they'd be charged because it is considered wrong and evil. However, if we send men to war and kill thousands of people; do they get charged when they return? The answer is, no. They are actually praised. We just won the war now and our people are celebrating in the streets. How is this considered good when going off and killing in a war is no different then the person who gets sent to prison for it? What about those we just conquered? The suffering, the pain, and the loss. Is this also considered good? Killing is considered evil one minute and good the next? I'm not stating that killing someone is right thing to do or anything. I'm only stating that Good and Evil are inconsistent and thus cannot be considered a part of Chaos and Order.

Last Updated: 2-12-99
Written by: Adam Williams

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