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Last Updated on 02/03/21.
What's Changed:
Prep for upcoming changes.

My webpage is an attempt to just collect misc information, useful or usless and put it in a common place. Also a chance for people to get to know me better based on my creations or opinions and random thoughts. Note that some of the older writings are pretty much all 8th and 9th grade writings. The 1999 edit dates on them merely reflect when I last changed layout or something. So if they read like they are written by a less wise child, it is because they were. :p

Link Description Last Updated
About Me
My info (Very Basic).
More About Me Get more info about me. 1/19/20
My Computer Work:
Some computer stuff I'm involved in.
WoW Addons List of wow addon projects I am involved on. 1/19/20
DBM Patreon More info about my work on Deadly Boss Mods and how you can support. 1/19/20
DBM Wiki/Guides Get more info about Deadly Boss Mods. 1/19/20
My Writings:
Old writings of mine.
Online Security A page with some tips on bettering online security. 02/22/15
Protocol Z (my pandemic safety plan) A page with some tips on better pandemic safety. 10/08/20
Older Writings
Some of my older High School writings from when I was 13-15ish
My Quotes A page with my own quotes/short writings. 11/04/03
Chaos/Order Interesting fiction I wrote over 20 years in High School on how Chaos & Order make the world go round. 6/19/00